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Fitness Articles

Find out more about fitness training, fitness education, personal training and exercise science here
Training Methods Image

Training Methods

If you want to know more about different training methods and tools you can use with your personal training clients then check out the articles in this folder

Training Methods - Read More…

Nutrition Image


You know what - nutrition isn't as complicated as many people make it out to be! Check out the articles in this folder to uncover the facts about food and the implications for Personal Trainers

Nutrition - Read More…

Musculoskeletal System Image

Musculoskeletal System

Muscle types, contraction types and force regulation, bones, joints, anatomical movements, fibre types and the difference between force, velocity and power...its all uncovered in this folder at iPT Australia

Musculoskeletal System - Read More…

Endocrine System Image

Endocrine System

Hormones govern the long term adaptations of the body in response to exercise. As your personal training clients are very interested in adaptations (i.e. results) knowing about hormones is very on

Endocrine System - Read More…

Respiratory System Image

Respiratory System

Breathing as we commonly know it actually involves four separate processes all essential for function and 'life'! All four processes are explained in this folder at iPT Australia

Respiratory System - Read More…

Cardiovascular System Image

Cardiovascular System

Learn all about our in-built pump that works 24/7, the essence of life, and the vessels that transport this essence in this folder of articles

Cardiovascular System - Read More…

Exercise Adaptations Image

Exercise Adaptations

Clients come for results and stay for changes! Learn all about the physiological changes (adaptations) the body makes in responses to different types of training in this series of articles at iPT

Exercise Adaptations - Read More…

Energy Systems Image

Energy Systems

A personal trainer that understands energy systems is able to explain exactly what sets, reps and rest clients should do to achieve the effects they desire - get an insight into the human energy systems on these pages at iPT Australia

Energy Systems - Read More…

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